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Boomtown, purchased for Charlotte Jorst by Volker Brommann

Congratulations to Volker Brommann's student Charlotte Jorst on the purchase of Boomtown (Uptown x Nadette). (Photo: Rick Jespers)

Jamie Kment and Zania

Jamie Kment and Zania

Julie Alnwick and Justin

Julie Alnwick and Justin, Amateur Champions many times over.

Working with Kathy and Toine means that you will never be limited to one seller’s horses. Rather, you will select your next partner from many of the top producing countries in Europe, including Germany, Holland, France, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium.  Kathy and Toine can also assist you in finding a horse in the United States.

Some of the very best horses are purchased quickly or aren’t ever ‘for sale’. Because of the breadth and depth of their relationships in the European Union, Toine and Kathy are able to bring clients the advantage of viewing horses prior to their being formally available for purchase.

Why Europe?

Horses are an industry in Europe. Nearly 20,000 horses are born per year in Holland alone. Going to Europe to look at horses is like going to a “horse store”! You are provided the opportunity to comparison shop from a large number of horses, be it a proven FEI horse, Young Rider horse, stallions, broodmares or young prospects and foals.

Foal Prospects

An increasing number of riders, sponsors, and owners have asked Toine to select foals and young horses  for them to import because of his consistent success in choosing future champions. With his in-depth understanding of bloodlines, years of breeding horses himself, and his innumerable breeder contacts in Europe, he is the man to see when looking for future prospects.

Foals are far less expensive and boarding can be arranged until the buyer decides to import the young horse. 

Stallion Program

The Connelly/ Hoefs team have had great success with their Stallion Program. They have entered prospects in the 2002 (Sagacious), 2004 (Uptown), 2006 (Washington), and 2008 (Adamo) shows. Toine’s eye and experience are so acute that all of these stallions were approved through the strict Dutch Selection process.

Approximately 20 to 25 stallions are approved each year out of the 1,000 plus horses that begin the process. Many of the syndicates buy 100 to 150 foals to try to get one approved stallion. Kathy and Toine purchase only two or three foals each year, pre-selected by Toine, who then raises and trains them for the Stallion Show and 70 Day Test.

Mare Selection

Kathy and Toine have had equal success selecting mares for their clients.

In the U.S., Too

Kathy and Toine have horses for sale in the USA during each Florida Season. Please feel free to contact them if you are looking for a horse and wish to remain stateside.

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We represent you as a buyer.

"Kathy and Toine take the time, no matter how long, to find exactly what I am looking for.

"They match their clients with the right horse every time.

"They have always gone that extra mile for my clients and me and every interaction with them is pleasant, professional and fun.

"I never dreamed of having so much success with my own and all of my students' horses!"

—Diana Miller
4th Level Champion
at Devon on Koskoier,
and numerous
Wellington, FL, and
Lexington, Virginia