Purchasing Horses in Europe

A horse at Verden.

Saigon being shown indoors at the KWPN Stallion Show at the age of three.
(Photo ©

A horse at Verden.

Adamo schooling indoors at Stal Jespers, Holland. (Photo courtesy of Rick Jespers)

A horse at Verden.

Tami Crawford and Wiseguy.

We have refined and perfected the purchase of horses from Europe over many years.

Our process consists of four steps:

  • You DEFINE YOUR CRITERIA (If you wish, you may complete a simple Horse Search form which will further help us to meet your expectations — or just call Toine or Kathy on the telephone.)
  • You SELECT THE DATES that are convenient for your travel

The process begins approximately one month prior to your trip to Europe. You will work with Kathy and/or Toine to define the qualities you seek in your next horse. They make certain they understand your personality, goals and specific needs, in detail. All of your information is strictly confidential.

Kathy and Toine will then select a quality group of candidates.  You will travel to Europe to view the pre-selected group of horses. All travel and hotel arrangements are made for you. You will be picked up at Holland’s Schiphol Airport and taken to each facility. There is no need to rent a car.

You, and your trainer or companion, will be personally accompanied by Toine. If you desire, Kathy will also be in attendance. The goal is to make your trip easy and fun so that you can relax and focus on the horses. You are never pressured to make a purchase. We want you to have the opportunity to select the best horse for your needs and desires.

Once you have selected your horse, independent arrangements can be made with highly qualified veterinarians for the pre-purchase examination. It is highly recommended that your own vet offer a second opinion on the ex-rays, records and pre-purchase report. You may, of course, arrange to have your own vet do the exam.

Exportation and shipping arrangements will be made for you, and you are kept informed of your horse’s progress during air travel and quarantine.


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We represent you as a buyer.

"Kathy Connelly’s great dedication and honesty has taught me a great deal about the complicated and beautiful art of dressage. I admire her perceptive eye and ability to understand the mind of the horse.

"I have bought several horses with Kathy and Toine, confident that they were honestly represented. They have so much experience and they care deeply about the success of the partnership between horse and rider.

"The first horse I selected through them, Hertog, was Fourth Level Champion at Devon...the very first time I ever competed there!

"In 2005, I purchased a young horse by Biotop from Kathy and Toine. I left him at Toine’s for five months of training. He has gone on to win many, many classes with very high scores since I brought him home to the States and trained with Kathy."

—Laine Hills