Discovered by Connelly-Hoefs

Maksymilian and Jane Hannigan.
(Photo by J. Stanley Edwards)


Sagacious and Lauren Sammis
(Photo ©Susan J.


Feliki and Tami Hoag. (Photo ©


Adamo (Sandreo x Pion), currently being ridden by Kirsten Beckers in Holland. (Photo courtesy of Rick Jespers)

Maksymilian (El Caro)

Toine and Kathy spotted Maksymilian during a horse search in Holland. “Mak” was schooling at third level and Kathy long-lined him to test his talent for piaffe and passage. Kathy remarked to Toine, “You should show this horse to Jane Hannigan when she comes to look for horses with you. This is a fabulous horse, and she would ride him really well.” Jane saw the horse and loved him. She brought him home to Massachusetts and trained him to the Grand Prix.

Jane and Mak were chosen to represent the U.S. in 2008 at the World Cup. Kathy and Toine congratulate Jane on all of her national and international successes on Mak.

Sagacious (Welt Hit II x Judith by Cocktail)

Toine picked out Sagacious at three days old in 1999, and Kathy and Toine purchased him. They invited Hyperion Farm to join as partners and Toine raised and trained him for the 2003 KWPN Stallion Show.

Sagacious was Reserve Champion Dressage Horse and was also approved for the 70-day Test. In 2005 Hyperion Farm purchased Sagacious and Lauren Sammis went on to win the Individual Silver and Team Gold medals at the 2007 Pan American Games.

Sagacious is now competing successfully with Lauren at Grand Prix, most recently winning the GP Special at the Palm Beach Derby, Loxahatchee, FL.

Uptown (Kennedy x Ubis)

Toine picked out Uptown at 2 days old. Kathy and Toine purchased him and again invited Hyperion Farm in as a partner. Toine raised and trained Uptown, who became the 2004 KWPN Stallion Show Champion and the Champion of the 70 Day Test.

Uptown won the 2005 Pavo Cup for four year olds and was Reserve Champion at the 2006 Pavo Cup for 5 year olds. He placed fifth in the 2006 Young Horse World Championships in Verden, Germany.

Feliki (by Aktion)

Kathy and Toine saw and loved the Grand Prix mare Feliki while at The Dutch Championships in Holland. They inquired about her and were told that she was not for sale. Because of their friendship with Toine, the owners agreed to let him know if she ever became available for purchase. When they did call Toine to tell him they were considering selling her, Kathy called her friend Betsy Steiner because she knew Betsy was looking for a horse for Tami Hoag. Kathy thought it would be the perfect match.  Tami bought Feliki immediately.

Tami placed a full page ad in the Chronicle of the Horse when she won the High Score Grand Prix horse at the Palm Beach Derby, in which she thanked Kathy and Toine: “Special thanks to Toine Hoefs and Kathy Connelly for finding this exceptional horse for me.”  

Kathy and Toine congratulate Tami Hoag on all of her success with the wonderful mare Feliki.

Adamo (Sandreo x Pion)

Owned by Toine Hoefs, Kathy Connelly, and Frenk Jespers, Adamo was purchased as a foal.

In 2008 Adamo became an approved Dutch Stallion, an exciting accomplishment, as only seven Dressage Stallions were approved in 2008 at the Stallion Show in Holland. Adamo is currently ridden by Kirsten Beckers in Holland; Kirsten also rides and shows the legendary KWPN stallion Jazz.

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We represent you as a buyer.

“Special thanks to Toine Hoefs and Kathy Connelly for finding this exceptional horse [Feliki] for me.”

—Tami Hoag

Tami placed this ad in the Chronicle of the Horse upon winning the High Score Grand Prix with Feliki at the Palm Beach Derby